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it's christmas – keep it real trees | wreaths | holiday fun
  • about garland
    Cedar Garland 12' lengths rolls Hand-crafted from cedar from the farm.
evergreen specialties
  • family outdoor experience
    What could be better? – – – Life in Oregon is certainly a blessing, with natural treasures everywhere. Enjoy the view while hunting for your Christmas tree... having hot chocolate, coffee, candy canes and holding your loved ones dear – Enjoy the possibility of getting muddy, tromping outdoors on the hunt for your tree! (Don't forget to feed the chickens!)
  • unique gift store
    Tree Top Cottage Gift Store is a special place --- You never know what treasures you'll find in our Tree Top Cottage Gift Store. We do know you'll find fun, traditional and unique items for sale. Enjoy finding that candy cane selection, holiday hats, decor, vintage and rustic items along with "grandma's attic" type of fun things for sale. Many one of a kind. During Christmas we have complimentary coffee, hot chocolate, team and of course tiny candy canes to dip in it! It's Christmas comfort food!
  • find real be real
    Enjoy a real Oregon Christmas tree this year – connect with the what Christmas in Oregon means. – – – Discover the simple pleasures of the holidays here. Hot chocolate, coffee, cozy wood stove, candy canes & fresh evergreens. Rediscover or continue a real tradition, or make new memories of an Oregon experience with your family & friends.
  • start your holiday here
    Start the holiday here! – – – If you love Christmas, decorating and that old fashioned home-style feeling it invokes, start your holiday here. Enjoy the sights of little white lights, smells of evergreens, and tastes of Christmas treats here to get you into the mood for decorating and family fun.
  • less plastic more real
    More real everything... – – – Whenever we could, we've removed the plastic from your experiences here at the farm in exchange for fabrics, wood, glass and other natural materials to give your time with us a different feeling from pretty much everywhere else.
how to tree "hunt"
  • wreaths & garland
    Fresh & Beautiful Wreaths and garland are hand-crafted fresh from the farm's evergreens. A local artisan crafts them in a way to bless your home or serve as a gift. For best selection, be sure to get yours before the week of Christmas and to be able to enjoy it throughout the holiday season.
  • douglas fir
    Oregon's Traditional Christmas Tree Smaller needles and limbs that can hold medium to small ornaments toward the exterior of each limb. The inner portion of limbs can hold the heavier ornaments. This is the tree that populates Oregon's forests on a grand scale and you may have seen grandma have in her living room. They are traditional, aromatic and beautiful.
  • noble fir
    All-Around Favorite The Noble fir has sturdy fluffy- looking green-blue needles and sturdy limbs able to hold all sizes of ornaments. Noble firs are often trimmed or left more "natural." Natural Noble fir trees will have more "space" in-between the growth of the limbs - referred to by many as being "nordic" or "natural." Properly trimming this tree (cultured) brings the shape to the tree that is popular among many. Nobles are found growing naturally in higher elevations of Oregon's forests and are popular among tree farmers in Oregon - shipped world-wide because they are aromatic, beautiful, durable and, of course - beautiful.
  • size & type of trees available in 2018
    Cultured Nobles 2-4' up to 12-13' Natural Nobles 8 to 12' Doug Fir 2-4' up to 6-7' Grand Fir 6-7' up to 10-11 Blue Spruce - Naturals 6-7' up to 11-12' Nordman (limited qty) 2-4' up to 8-9'
  • size & type of trees available in 2018
    Nobles - Cultured 2-4' up to 12-13' Nobles - Naturals 8 to 12' Doug Fir 2-4' up to 6-7' Grand Fir 6-7' up to 10-11 Blue Spruce - Naturals 6-7' up to 11-12' Nordman (limited availability) 2-4' up to 8-9' * Although we have replanted 3 years in a row, current harsh dry growing conditions in Oregon for young seedlings has reduced the size and availability of trees.
  • about wreaths
    Traditional Round 12 to 16" Snowflake 12" Table Top Centerpiece Door Charms Candy Cane Cross 28" Traditional Round Heart (Large & Small) Hand-crafted wired bows available inside Tree Top Cottage Gift Store
  • grand fir
    The Aromatic Favorite This tree has recently gained increased popularity due to it's intense aroma among our tree hunters. This tree species sports larger, longer and flatter needles than the other trees we have here. It has a noticeable two-tone coloring when you compare the top to the bottom of the needles. The tree has a shorter time from cut time to when it can loose it's needles. We recommend you choose this tree if you set up your tree 1 to 2 weeks before the big day.
  • blue spruce
    A True Blue Tree For some there is no substitute for this blue beauty in their home for the holidays. It 's sturdy and has great longevity in the tree stand after being cut . The needles are silvery blue and very stiff - very sturdy for using heavier ornaments. BUT very "pokie." Be warned you'll need protective gear to handle this type of tree... gloves and thicker clothing to avoid the "ouch" factor. Some pet owners and parents like to use blue spruce as their holiday tree of choice in order to discourage pet and little finger interaction with ornaments and items under the tree.
a real oregon holiday
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  • step 1 – prepare
    "BEST PRACTICES" for tree hunting success We provide hand saws (although you can supply your own) - chain saws are prohibited due to insurance and safety. Gloves are recommended. Something to kneel on the ground with to saw the tree (especially if its raining) Weather appropriate shoes and clothing for an outdoor Oregon experience that includes walking on rough farm ground. Because of our elevation, it can be colder than the valley with a bit more wind. Tie downs/straps for securing your tree and appropriate protection for your vehicle. Ask Siri to find Christmas Trees West - 45619 NW David Hill Rd., Forest Grove, OR 97116
  • step 2 – the tree hunt
    SIZE AND TYPE OF TREE Identify your desired tree type by the needles and where to search to find it. Find out where to look for trees this year on the farm this year. It will vary year to year. Start your tree hunting – enjoy your Oregon outdoor tree hunt journey! * Although we have replanted 3 years in a row, current harsh dry growing conditions in Oregon for young seedlings has reduced the size and availability of trees.
  • step 3 – cut | shake | bale
    FIND TREE Measure the tree height and take note it's the type of tree you desire before cutting. Prices vary by tree type. CUT Cut your tree as close to the ground as possible. You can use a handsaw only (chainsaws are prohibited) CARRY You can carry the tree with the help of your friends or family members, or bring a tree cart with you to pull your tree back. If you need assistance, please let us know. STAY WITH YOUR TREE Please stay with your tree through the stages of getting your tree ready to go home. SHAKING Tree shaking reduces naturally occurring loose needles from it's life at the farm. BALING The baling process is where it is measured and twine is wrapped around the tree to make it easier to bring home. YULE TIDE STANDS A quality stand brand available here. PAYMENT Bring your tree tag provided by a tree elf inside to pay – we accept cash, check and all types of cards.
  • caring for your tree
    DO water daily with clean fresh water – trees use an average of 1 qt. of water per inch of stem diameter. First week you'll see your tree drink quite a bit of water. Water temperature and additives have not proven any more effective in preserving your tree. DO protect your tree from direct heat sources (fireplaces, heat vents, heaters, & direct sunlight) these will cause them to lose moisture and drop their needles at a much higher rate. DO trim off 1/4" the bottom IF it has been more than 5-7 days since it was harvested. If you place your tree in water within 12 hours of cutting, you do not have to trim off the bottom. DO place in water and keep in a cool place if you are storing your tree for a few days before use. DO run your fingers across the needles to monitor if they are dry and brittle. If the needles break easily or fall off in your hand, the tree is dry and should be remove from the house.
 45619 nw david hill rd. | forest grove, or 97116 | 503.939.5511
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